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Being a self taught “designer” seemed like I had everything under control. But life since taught me that without education, your knowledge is limited. Reality taught me a lesson I couldn’t avoid when I started receiving clients that needed designs that I couldn’t make or grade a pattern to their size. Then I decided to enrol at XELA FASHION COLLEGE where I learned intense pattern cutting which is very crucial in the designing world. The college gave an for detail that I could not see without the core knowledge.

We worked on other Subjects Fashion Illustrations, Women Garment Manufacturing, History of Fashion which I found interesting and vital to the future of Fashion Design(You have to know who laid the foundation to your passion). Not forgetting the Business Skills studies that taught us how to manage our finances and clients. On completion we received a International Recognised Certificate Approved by City & Guilts in London.

Enrolling at Xela made my passion for fashion to be realistic and also to approach life in fashion with SABC 1 called RAW SILK and making it to the Top 3.The lecturers are friendly and always availing themselves for help needed. Today I am pursuing my business in fashion and the future. I will forever be grateful for the hard work that XELA COLLEGE puts in its student. The future is bright

JESSICA NDEBELE, Graduate 2015

My entire journey in the fashion industry began at Xela Fashion College. This was when I was introduced to all fashion aspects. I honestly knew nothing in terms of contrasting a garment or even sketching for that matter. Through out my studies at Xela I feel in love with the thought of opening up my own design studio and fashion brand. With the subjects provided at the college such as business skills, had a huge impact in helping me build myself confident and knowledge of the business world.
After I graduated in 2014 from the college, I had all the knowledge and tools to open up my design studio. I opened my own design studio in 2015, I have now participated in over 10 fashion shows and designers competitions as well as had a opportunity to have my own African Inspired Boutique and currently nominated in the Sunrise women awards as one of the uprising female fashion designers in Mpumalanga, PLUS experienced a one month learnership in China. It’s a mouthful, but out of total honestly it’s been the Xela magic.

All the knowledge I have obtained at Xela Fashion College has been very helpful in joining the fashion industry and business world. It’s been a honour being a part of the Xela family, I will forever remember how I’ve made it in this industry.

Thank you Xela Fashion College, And mostly Thank you to the lectures for always believing in me. I am a proud Xela product today because of you

NOMSA MAZIBUKO, Graduate 2014

Good Day,
I Would Just Like To Say Thank You To Alex And The Team For Teaching Us Not Just The Glamorous Side Of The Fashion Industry, But Also The Hard Core Of Business And Making Fashion Work For You!

Its 2 Years Of Intense Work That Will Take You A Very Long Way Through Your Life!

Thank You For Everything!


At Age 44 I Decided To Study Fashion Design. When I Went For My Interview I Was Afraid Alex Would Tell Me That I Was Too Old And “You Can’t Teach An Old Dog New Tricks”!

When I Heard I Had Been Accepted I Was Overjoyed! I Live In Malelane And Had To Travel 65km To Class In Nelspruit But It Was  Worth It.
From The First Day Of College You Learn Something New – 50% Designing, 25% About The Industry And Most Importantly 25% About Yourself.

I Can Honestly Say Today That My Sewing Skills, Knowledge Of Pattern Cutting, Designing And My Confidence Wouldn’t Be On This Next Level If I Hadn’t Taken On The Challenge And Grown So Much Through My Time At The College.


As a young girl that grew up at a village I always had a desire to be different. In everything I did I always wanted to stand out, so it’s no surprise I chose Fashion Designing as my career. Being a student at Xela College of Creative Design was the best decision I have ever made. I learned a lot in the two years that I was there and I am proud to say that I’ve grown a lot, not only in knowing about the fashion world but also in knowing myself. Xela college taught me that in everything you do in life you need to have passion for it, because with passion comes Confidence, Consistence, Persistence and Perseverance and these are all the tools you need to gravitate life. Xela College taught me that not everyone has to believe in your dreams, as long as you believe in yourself and your dreams then you have the power to make them possible.

Being a student at Xela College to me came with a lot of benefits. I got the opportunity to showcase the garments I made at a fashion show the college hosts every year. I got to work backstage at the top fashion shows in Mpumalanga which gave me the opportunity to meet a lot of top designs that I look up too, and I managed to learn one or two things about this crazy amazing industry. I also managed to learn how to be a stylist in one of the fashion shows that we were working at. At Xela College I also got an amazing experience which was attend the 2018 Durban July, I got an opportunity to network with different designers and experience what fashion really is. I also benefited in learning a lifetime skill which is to design and make garments. With all the support from Xela College I managed to fulfil my goal which was to become Miss Hazyview 2020 and that to me is also one of the benefits I got from being part of this amazing college. Their support and love goes beyond measure and that shows in the results of the confidence we have in our crafts and our personal lives

Sadly the end of my two years at Xela College came sooner than expected! I was sad to leave but excited to be in the real world because I was now a Xela graduate. Being a Xela graduate to me meant a lot. Firstly I had the opportunity to meet wonderful people and build great relationships with my fellow classmates and my lecturers. Being a Xela graduate meant or means that I can work anywhere in the world as a qualified fashion designer. A young girl from a village that no one knew about now has the opportunity to leave a mark in this world and this to me is still surreal

Xela College of Creative Design helped me in so many ways and seeing myself becoming ready for the working world is amazing. Xela College helped me develop what I call “power tools” these to me are all the tools you need to start a successful business, manage it and sustain it. All the information I need to ‘make it’ in the working world Xela College equipped me with it. Xela College helped me to become more comfortable and confident with working with clients.

Surely it’s no secret that I had an amazing time at Xela College of Creative Design and I wish everyone that is still to join the family the same and even better experience. I was blessed to be at a College that felt like home and that to me made learning easy. I may not know what the future has in store for me but I can boldly say “ I hope the world is ready for me because I am definitely ready for it” with all the education and more I received at Xela College I am ready to leave my mark in this amazing world.

My name is Reitumetse Priviledee Mokoena a proud former student of Xela College of Creative Design. I urge everyone to remember my name because this is not the last time they will hear it.

REITUMETSE MOKOENA – Graduate 2019, Your Content Goes Here