Welcome to Xela College of Design!

Empowering Creativity, Fostering Success

At Xela College of Design, we are more than just an educational institution – we are a hub for aspiring creative entrepreneurs. Are you ready to turn your passion for design into a fulfilling career? Look no further. We offer a diverse array of programs that cater to your creative ambitions and aspirations.

Our Programs

Fashion Design Qualification: Immerse yourself in the world of fashion and design with our comprehensive full-time Fashion Design qualification. Unleash your creativity and learn the skills necessary to excel in the dynamic fashion industry.

Visual Merchandising Qualification:

Transform spaces into captivating narratives with our Visual Merchandising qualification. Learn how to create visually stunning displays that captivate and engage customers.

Workshops and Short Courses:

Explore your interests with our range of workshops and short courses. From Dressmaking to Event and Wedding Decor Design, Hat Making, and more – these courses provide you with hands-on experiences to develop your skills and expertise.