Fuelling Creativity, Fostering Achievement

Welcome to Xela College of Design, where we’re more than just a school – we’re a community of ambitious creative minds. Are you ready to transform your love for design into a rewarding career? Look no further. Our diverse range of programs is tailored to fuel your creative ambitions and dreams.

Our Offerings

Fashion Design Qualification: Immerse yourself in the world of fashion and design with our comprehensive full-time Fashion Design qualification. Unleash your creativity and acquire the skills needed to excel in the dynamic fashion industry.

Visual Merchandising Qualification: Turn spaces into captivating stories with our Visual Merchandising qualification. Learn to create visually stunning displays that captivate and engage customers.

Workshops and Short Courses: Explore your interests with our selection of workshops and short courses. From Dressmaking to Event and Wedding Décor Design, Styling Workshops, and more – these courses offer hands-on experiences to develop your skills and expertise.

“I don’t design clothes, I design dreams” – Ralph Lauren

Our Legacy

Established in 2006, Xela College of Design holds the distinction of being the first and only fully accredited fashion college in Mbombela. Our legacy is built on a history of producing graduates who shine in the fashion industry and as self-starting entrepreneurs, equipped with the tools to carve their own path.

Nurturing Excellence

We pride ourselves on offering career-focused training rooted in real-world experience. Our philosophy revolves around hands-on learning, ensuring you not only gain theoretical knowledge but also practical skills in demand in the industry.

Expert Faculty

Our lecturers aren’t just instructors – they’re industry experts with years of practical experience and knowledge to share. Their passion for their fields is evident, and they’re dedicated to helping you reach your full creative potential.

Accreditation and Admissions

Rest assured, our programs meet the highest standards of quality and relevance. Xela College of Design’s courses are accredited by FP&M Seta, CATHSETA, and QCTO. Admission is selective, based on merit, passion, and talent, through a meticulous interview and assessment process.