At Xela College of Design we offer a two year, full time Fashion Design qualification. We are the home of the creative entrepreneur and take pride in our hands-on career focused training.
In 2008 Xela College of Design was born, the only fully accredited fashion college in Mbombela.
Xela College of Design has a long history of producing the highest calibre graduates, who are sought after within the fashion industry, as well as self-starters, fully equipped to start their own businesses.

All our lecturers are experts within their field and come with years of practical experience and knowledge, which they are passionate about sharing with their students.
In 2020 Xela College of Design was bought by ATTI.

ATTI has over 19 years of experience in the education and training arena, ATTI saw in Xela College of Design, the massive potential for growth and expansion.
Xela College of Design shares the vibrant ATTI campus life in Mbombela and has access to all the support and input from an institution well versed in successful, private, tertiary education.

Xela College of Design operates as an independent institution, with it’s own lecturers, management and approved curriculum, under the umbrella of ATTI.
Our courses are accredited with FP&M Seta and CATHSETA
Our students are accepted on merit, passion and talent during an interview and assessment process