Styling on a Budget Workshop

Unleash Your Fashion Creativity!

Get ready to revamp your wardrobe without breaking the bank in our “Styling on a Budget” workshop! Dive into the world of fashion with savvy techniques to maximize the potential of the clothes you already own. In this hands-on course, you’ll learn how to dress for your body shape, identify your personal style, and master the art of mixing and matching. From understanding color psychology to efficient wardrobe organization, discover how to unlock your style potential while staying within your budget. Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast or just looking to elevate your everyday look, this workshop is your ticket to stylish savings!

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Matric Dance Styling Workshop

Shine on Your Special Night!

Elevate your style game and make unforgettable memories with what you learn in our exclusive styling workshop. From selecting the perfect dress to accessorizing like a pro, we’ve got you covered every step of the way. You’ll learn how to dress for your body shape, accentuate your best features, and avoid common fashion faux pas. We will delve into the fascinating world of colours, helping you discover shades that complement your skin tone and hair colour. And so much more… Get ready to unlock your style potential and dazzle on your special night!

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