Trends are moving back to connecting with the artisan. It is more fashionable that ever to know and to have met the jeweller who designed your favourite piece, the sculpture who created the figurine in your entrance hall or the weaver of the designer rug in your office.

The career of an artisan is one of passion, freedom and expression. More and more young people are following their hearts in their careers with the understanding that living your joy is a sure way to attract abundance into your life!

The jagged CV or resume is becoming a popular trend amongst artisans. In a nutshell this would be a resume of qualifications from short courses in a related field ranging from certificates to diplomas. The entrepreneurial spirit is fast becoming a trend amongst artisans

The fashion designer may show a short qualification in make-up, hair, photography, event planning, shoe making, marketing, millinery and any other related qualifications

Or the home executive who has been wanting to turn their style or hobby into cash, may have a short course in fashion designing, decorating, styling and make-up.

This is fantastic tool for the budding entrepreneur!

For the school leaver on a gap year, they could use this short course culture to “taste test” career options before studying further.

Xela College of Design is offering a 10 week course in fashion or interior design for all budding fashionistas, aged 18 to 80, in Nelspruit. Join us in learning about design from concept to collection through illustration, garment construction and pattern making, decorating and room planning.
For more information please call Alex on 083 310 7410, email her on or visit their website