Have you ever opened your wardrobe and despite the wall to wall of hangers of clothing you have nothing to wear?

Yes, you have the 6 pairs of black pants, but this pair is too loose around the waist, that pair always felt too short, this other pair has started to shine and has “bobbles” on the front…. And so it goes!!

I have a challenge for you! Close your eyes, visualise walking into your bedroom and opening your clothing cupboards (do not actually do it yet!).

Now that you are standing in front of your wardrobe, in your mind, I want you to take out your winter coat (that you wear), the little black number and evening dress and put them on your bed. Go back to your cupboard and remove all the clothing you have worn in the last 6 months (you may include gym wear here) and put them on your bed. Do you agree there is quite a healthy pile on the bed?


Turn back to your wardrobe and I want you to think about the percentage of clothing left in your wardrobe? Is it 10%, 30%, 50%, 60%, 80%, 90%? My guess is that it is between 50% and 80%.

Here is my challenge, throw out whatever is left in your wardrobe…….. Ok breath, it is ok and no I am not joking!

In today’s world of fashion, it is about fast produced, super affordable clothing and this creates a wardrobe of “not quite doing the job” clothing. All this does is crease and wrinkle and crush the clothing that you clearly enjoy wearing.

In my workshops I always remind the audience not to get emotionally attached to your clothing, your black pants are never going to love you back!!!

Loose the thin clothes that one day you will fit into again! If you lose the weight you will need to be rewarded with new and funky clothing. Lose the outfit you wore to your son’s christening, barmitzvah or baptism, especially as HIS son is now in school! Lose the first “good & expensive” outfit you bought for your sister’s wedding 25 years ago. Yes, do keep Dad’s favourite jersey you kept when he passed away.

Pack up your old, no longer in service clothes, put them in a bag and drop them off at your local church, Red Cross or other charitable organisation. Remember that outfit that sits in your wardrobe whose only job is to get in the way, could be a gem to the lady who has been holding down 3 jobs educating her children and now has something good and posh to wear to their graduation.

Clean up and clear out!! Learn about your figure type, personality and clothing requirements BEFORE you impulse shop. Spend more less often and get what works. Make sure your wardrobe works for you and that you don’t work for it!!!