As a fashion college bursting with young future fashion designers, one of the names that is on everyone’s lips and dreams is David Tlale. For those not so deep in the fashion industry David Tlale is a South African fashion designer whose work has been showcased at the Cape Town Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, and Paris Fashion Week and who has also designed collections for major retailers like Edgars.

So, when David Tlale’s office calls Xela college on the 25th May inviting our students to attend his small and personalised Masterclass…. what can we say!! After the screams of excitement died down, we just had to make a plan to get to Johannesburg on the 1st of June for a two-hour class!

Nelspruit Ford came to the party super quickly and offered us transport and a driver for the day! Dan the man got us there safe and in-time.

What can we say? David was amazing, the students hung on to his every word, as I must confess did I. He interacted with the students who I thought we going to fall of their chairs. This is what it must have been like amongst Beatles or Elvis fans in the 1960’s. It was magnetic and electric.

As a principal and lecturer, it was awesome to hear the students having confirmed and reaffirmed what they are told daily by their lecturers, but by their icon, it would appear we have been telling them the truth!

Personally it gave me huge pleasure to realise that all of us in the industry arebpushing for a higher standard, a greater form of teamwork and the understanding that ALL people in the process of design and manufacture are important! It is a mindset and culture that we encourage and feed here at Xela College of Design.

After introductions and photos, we extended an invitation to David and his team to join us in Mbombela in 2018! Watch this space …