Did you know that 80% of women are walking around wearing the wrong size bras?

“A R50 bra can make a R500 T-shirt look like a R50 T-shirt and a R500 bra can make a R50 T-shirt look like a R500 one” so says owner and fashion designer Alex Asman. One of the most important forms of power dressing is ensuring that your under-garments do what they are supposed to do. Loose elastic, falling bra straps, breasts falling out of too-small cups are a NO-NO! Underwear should fit and support well.

Xela’s top tips for wearing the bra that is just right for you::

  • The bra should hold the nipple halfway between shoulder and elbow. Bend your arm and look in the mirror. Ensure your bust point (nipple) is halfway. This is a MUST, especially for the apple shapes, as it lifts the breasts out of the waist and allows for more shape.
  • Your bra strap should be parallel to the floor. Not riding up the back. It’s not a horse! If a woman buys a size 40D bra and the strap rides up her back, but does not sit flush under the bust, she should try a 38DDD or 36E and see what fits best.
  • When you first buy your bra it should close on the first hook, at the very end of the strap. As the bra ages and the elastic gives way, you should move to the second and then the third hook. This gives the bra a longer life span.
  • NEVER buy an ill-fitting bra for the sake of saving money. Buy good quality bras and wash by hand. Don’t dry them in the sun, this destroys the elastic.
  • Nothing beats a great fitting bra and the feeling of it under your clothes. Once you find the right bra for you, you will be amazed at how different your clothes look and how GREAT you feel.

Click here to learn how to measure correctly for your bra size.

Take time to measure yourself – we are all different and in this case there definitely is no “one size fits all”

Send us your “before” and “after” photos with your new bra under your clothes – we would love to see the difference it makes! Email them to info@xela.co.za

Happy bra shopping!

The Xela Team

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