Study Fashion Online

Picture 5 Study Fashion OnlineFashion is the career that you can determine what YOU want from it, from a stay at home mum to the catwalks of Milan!

Our online course consists with 10 modules that will take you on a journey where you will learn all the exciting and fun ways to design, make and complete all those ideas you have been dreaming about. Each module is purchased individually so you can budget for your studies. You have 6 months to complete each module, there by all 10 should not take you longer than 5 years. You are welcome to move as fast or as slow as your pace requires and you may watch each module as many times as needed for you to understand the work but remember that access will expire within 6 months.

The modules consist of video tutorials and PDF downloads.

Single Subjects

You are also able to purchase just single subjects in each module, this is for the individual who would like extra knowledge, such as learning to sew, make patterns or draw.

Only the 4 grounding subjects FASHION ILLUSTRATION,  TECHNICAL DRAWING, WOMANS PATTERN CUTTING, are available as single subject.