The majority of women are not a size 34 (10) and for many finding clothes that fit is a nightmare they would prefer to ignore. Shopping for clothes is generally not a fun experience for the plus sizes. We asked fashion designer Alex Asman, owner of Xela Fashion Studio and principal of Xela Fashion College for some tips for summer dressing

Accentuate your good points and have a custom designed outfit  - a great investment!

Accentuate your good points and have a custom designed outfit – a great investment!


now that winter is behind us and we are packing away the chunky jerseys. “The biggest mistake I see fuller figured women making” says Asman, “is that they try and hide their shape under baggy shapeless tops and pants or dresses. This just makes them look even larger. Wear a tent and you end up looking like – a tent!”

“The number 1 tip is DON’T HIDE – accentuate. Shaping lines are essential. Don’t go baggy. Make sure the shoulders of the garment fit properly and trousers and sleeves are the right length. You will be surprised what a difference a few nips and tucks can do to an outfit and to improve a woman’s confidence no end. Focus on your good points and draw attention to them.  Apple shaped women often have great legs for example, so don’t be shy to show them off.”

A good fashion designer will be able to custom-design clothing that perfectly suits your figure, no matter whether you are hourglass, pear, apple or just straight up and down!  They can suggest styles and fabrics that suit your shape and personality so that you can step out in style no matter the season.  Have one or two quality items as your wardrobe basics and then mix and match well fitting but more cost effective garments (like T-shirts, tops etc) that you can change as the seasons change. Custom designed quality outfits are a great investment and although the initial outlay may seem expensive, the  long-term saving is definitely worth it.


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